Investopedia defines the word “Novation” as “the act of replacing one participating member of a contract with another.

We call ourselves Novation because of our long standing roots in the legal process. Being fair and making sure our customers are taken care of is in our DNA. And it’s because of this passion and expertise that we have the best success rate getting our clients the money they need, without the runaround.

So why go with Novation Settlement Solutions when you are ready to trade your future payments for upfront cash? Because not only does our success rate speak for itself, but we are also one of the most respected and trusted purchasers of structured settlement payments, annuities, lottery winnings and other cash flows in the industry. We aren’t brokers. We use our own funds for each transaction, which means you’ll get your money faster and with superior service.

What Novation Settlement Solutions Stands For

We take the time to work with our customers and make sure their needs are met. You’ll never get the runaround from us and we won’t play games.

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