Annuity Payment FAQs – What are Annuity Settlement Payments?
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Novation Settlement Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

FAQs about Annuity Payments


What is an annuity?

An annuity is a form of investment that pays out income over a determined period of time. The size and length of the payments depend on what type of annuity you have, some paying out over a certain number of years and others for the owner’s lifetime. A 10% early withdrawal penalty before age 59 ½ and tax-deferred investments make it a common option for retirement planning for many Americans.

Can I sell my annuity?

Absolutely. Selling your annuity in exchange for cash you can use now is an efficient way of recovering the money you own without paying a penalty for withdrawing too early. Novation Settlement Solutions can purchase a partial or entire annuity and give you accessible cash to help you through your financial needs.

Should I sell my entire annuity?

Depending on your needs, selling the entirety of your annuity is not always necessary. Many people sell only a part of their future annuity payments in exchange for cash. Our Funding Executives will help you decide how much of your annuity you should liquidate to meet your needs.

When will I get a quote?

Most people will get their quote by the end of the conversation with their Funding Executives.

Why should I trust my annuity to Novation?

With over $1.2 billion of annuity and other cash flow purchases, we have the experience needed to ensure that we are the most respected annuity purchaser in the industry. Our experts have a 97% success rate for court approvals and we will pay you interest 10x higher than the national average for every day if your payment islate.

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