The Ten Ways
We Do Business


We learn from experience

Buying structured settlement payments is not a simple process. In fact, it is quite complex. We’ve purchased more than $1.2 billion in payments and enjoy the highest approval rate in the industry. We stay true to what we’ve learned in the process and always use this to our advantage.


We take our time

Trading future payments for upfront cash is a major life decision that often cannot be rushed. That’s ok, though, because we are in it for the long haul.


We follow the rules

We are judged by our acts, not those of our competitors. Yet, the contrast between their way of doing business and ours defines why we remain the better choice.


We listen

Our approach to earning your trust starts with developing personal relationships with our customers: listening to them, treating them fair


We make a positive difference in the lives of customers

Whether we are helping someone avoid losing their home or funding a customer’s plan for financial independence.


We follow through

If we make a promise to our customers, we try our hardest to keep it. Anyone can make promises; Novation keeps promises.


We work collaboratively

Teamwork and collaboration between our employees is key to our past and future success. No team member’s contribution is too small.


We speak up

We all have ideas on how to improve, and our business thrives on feedback from our employees.


We rise above the clutter

We are in the business of providing life-changing funding in the best-in-class service to those in need. We don’t follow; we lead, by always thinking of a more thoughtful and creative way to separate ourselves from the pack.


We earn our impeccable reputation

We haven’t been handed our good name – we have earned it. Maintaining our reputation is the most important thing we do every day.