Sell Your Annuity Payment for Cash Quickly and Easily

Novation Settlement Solutions provides quick decisions and maximum payouts for selling your annuity payments

 Novation is the Most Respected Annuity Purchaser

Novation Settlement Solutions is the most respected annuity purchaser in the business. We have experience purchasing over $1.2 billion in annuity payments and similar cash flow payments, and our court approval rate is the highest in the industry. If your scheduled annuity payments aren’t right for you, Novation will help you get cash for your annuity payments.

Annuity Payments Are Not Often Flexible

Investing in an annuity can result in a slow and steady stream of income over a period of years or even a lifetime. However, as many annuity purchasers experience, your payment schedule is often rigid and not adjustable to your changing circumstances, therefore offering little flexibility in pulling out your money. Any attempts to withdraw the money before you reach the age 59 ½ can result in an early withdrawal penalty and regular income tax on your investment earnings. While annuities can be an effective vehicle for saving money for retirement, when it comes to emergency funding you don’t have much flexibility.
Novation understands that you can’t always predict the future and our team of professionals are here to help you find a solution to your finances. Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals on how you can turn your annuity payments into cash now.

Selling Your Annuity Payment: Get Answers to Your Questions!

Don’t let your questions unanswered!  If you’re looking for more information on how to get cash for your annuity, check annuity payments FAQs page!