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Posted 02/02/2017

“About the Customer and not just about the money”

“I’ve dealt with Novation on two different occasions and everything worked out Smoothly. Its easy to see why older folks always use the same barber, hairstylist, mechanic, and so forth, because when you get qualified trusted service why go anywhere else. Others may offer big promises but the underline writing is just that “writing”. Don’t be fooled by smooth quick talk. If Novation cant do it you will know up front, they pull no punches just to get your business. The Second time i tried another company and Novation had no hard feelings about it but was still willing to help me but assured me that if i changed my mind they would be there and lo and behold i found out the other company was a bunch of Shiesters SMOOTH TALKING LIARS and i went back to Novation and they helped me still TO get what I needed with no problems. It took a little longer the second time due to the judge, but they kept me informed and kept in contact with me through the whole process and still check on me every once in a while just to see how I’m doing. They have a Sincere care and concern about not just your needs but you as well. People can say anything on the phone but that’s when your words matter the most. Especially when you dont know the other person. BUT JOHN BRANDES AND HIS TEAM STICK BY THEIR WORDS. THE WAY BUSINESS USED TO BE DONE. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO MAY OTHERS EVENTUALLY FOLLOW”

Posted 05/12/2016
Dennis B.

“Great company to deal with”

“The staff at Novation is wonderful. Very easy to work with and always made time to answer our questions. We received exactly what they told us we would get and in the time frame they promised. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Posted 10/02/2015

“Great Staff, Service and Experience”

“James Viera and his fellow employees were great to work with and made things super easy from start to finish. We have been in contact for a few years before we moved forward and never at any time did we feel pressured to do anything when we were not ready. We were kept informed via email, phone, and text messages during the whole process. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in this area. Thanks to them we were able to buy a home and start living life again without debt hanging over us.”

Posted 08/05/2015

“Excellent Company And Staff”

“It was a pleasure working with Robert Ton and the staff at Novation Capital. Everything from the first conversation to the end went very smooth, Robert kept me informed of everything that was going on along the way, there was never any doubts. Novation Capital is a First Class Company, I highly recommend them.”

Posted 08/03/2015

“Great staff and Great Company”

“I’ve worked with Novation a few times, and they are hands down the most fair and best company on the market. Robert Ton is great, a real class act. I highly recommend this company to anyone even interested in a quote.”

Posted 07/30/2015

“Awesome Company #TeamNovation”

“My experience with Novation Settlement Capital Solutions wasn’t what I thought it would be When my executive Norman first called me I was mean to him, I thought he/them was just like the other companies, but he called me back I finally gave him a chance I talked to him, and I was very happy that I did he is a great man it was a good experience made me feel comfortable they really treat you like family and I love it I encourage everyone with an annuity to sell to them because you know your getting love and money 🙂 lol #TeamNovation”

Posted 01/30/2014

“To staff at Novation”

“Thank you for your HONEST dealing with me… Robert took time to keep me informed each step of the way. This is a company that I can say I trust from start to finish…KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.”

Posted 01/14/2014

“Great job guys”

“We needed help getting money to get our bathroom modified for our son who is disabled. Novation got us the money we needed. Special thanks to Norman who stayed in contact with us through the whole process.”

Posted 01/14/2014

“Novation has been a lifesaver”

“I am completely satisfied and grateful to Novation for all they have done for us, and would highly recommend them any day of the week. Thanks everyone who was involved for helping me and my family have the money to live a normal life.”

Posted 12/19/2013

“Novation is great!”

“I have done several transactions with them, and they were very friendly and nice persons that understood and did everything to help, especially Evan.  I have nothing bad to say about them, and I recommended very highly.”

Posted 11/18/2013

“Professional company you can count on for structured settlements”

“I contacted multiple companies in regard to my settlement and chose to go with Novation due to their offer. They made things way easier of a process than I expected. The staff was very responsive to my questions and always got back with me. Thanks for assisting me with my settlement. Thanks Evan. Don’t waste time choosing the wrong company. I spent almost a whole month looking, and I’m glad I went with Novation.”

Posted 11/15/2013

“Novation Is THE BEST”

“I have used Novation for several transfers. I am beyond satisfied with their services. I have worked with Evan, and I have to boast about his genuine ability to make me feel as if these transactions are as much a priority to him, as they are to me. I do not have to do research any longer. The customer service is so excellent that I would never use another company. Thank you Novation for being the best at what you do!”

Posted 10/24/2013

“Excellent job”

“I have searched and have used other companies in the past, and was never satisfied… I decided to give (Novation) a chance. I was very happy I did. Norman and Marysol handled my transaction…they followed up which was very important to me and I felt I was treated in a very professional way. Thanks guys.”

Posted 08/12/2013

“Very Satisfied and Grateful Customer”

“I just want to express my gratitude to Novation for their professionalism and their great customer service. I cannot overemphasize how thankful I am with Novation and their representatives. Thank you again!”

Posted 07/31/2013

“Great Option!”

“Let me start by thanking the businessmen and women that have helped me get the money I needed when I needed it. My fiancée and I were looking for a house, so we turned to Novation to see what they can do for us. They gave me the most for my money. Now we are officially homeowners! It was an exciting accomplishment that we did together and with the help of Novation. I called (another company) and they were talking about taking half or more of my annuity in total, so I looked for other options. Thanks to Novation, we have our home and because we went through two transactions with them, we are able to fix our home the way we want it. The staff is extremely friendly, and they try to get to know you, so they can better serve you. They make sure to keep contact and I always received a weekly courtesy call while the transaction was in process. Did I mention it was a quick process?! Again, I would like to thank everyone who helped us accomplish our goal of becoming homeowners. I have nothing but good things to say. THANKS TO YOU ALL!! Great company and great people to deal with!”