Structured Settlement FAQs – What is a structured settlement?
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Novation Settlement Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked

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Do I have to sell all future payments from my structured settlement?

No. Most people sell only a portion of their structured settlement payment stream. Depending on your needs, selling the entirety of your structured settlement is usually not necessary.

What is a structured settlement and how does it work?

The conclusion of a personal injury lawsuit is often in the form of a payment of damages to the plaintiff. Sometimes, the payments come in the form of a structured settlement, a long-term annuity paid out over a set period of time. This can be over a series of years or even a lifetime, and payments can be deferred in order to fund retirement. Payments from a structured settlement are tax-free, providing future financial stability for you and your family.

Why should I sell my structured settlement?

Once signed, a structured settlement agreement generally cannot be changed. If your structured settlement doesn’t fit your changing life, you can sell your payment stream to receive the cash you’re owed at a better time for you.

How can I sell my structured settlement?

You can schedule a free consultation with Novation using our form or by calling 1-877-711-0661. Our team of experts will help look at your structured settlement agreement and determine what portion of the payment stream you should consider liquidating into usable funds.

Why should I trust Novation?

Since our conception in 2000, we’ve purchased over $1.2 billion in structured settlements and similar cash flows. Novation is a founding member of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We hire only the best people who care about our customers and it shows: we enjoy the lowest turnover rate in the industry and a 97% success rate with court approvals.

What if my Novation payment is delayed?

For every day we are late, we’ll pay you interest on the amount you’re receiving at more than 10x the national average. We’re the only business in the industry to make this promise.

I sold part of my structured settlement already. Can I sell more?

Yes! Whether you’ve worked with us before or sold part of your payment stream elsewhere, we’re happy to assist with turning more of your structured settlement into funds you can use.

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