Sell Your Structured Settlements to Finance a Project

Receiving a structured settlement as a result of a personal injury or similar lawsuit is a slow and steady source of income. However, life doesn’t always keep to a schedule and the periodic payments of a structured settlement may not come fast enough to keep up with your financial needs. Selling your structured settlement payments can supply you with the extra cash you may need now.

Selling Structured Settlements for Maximum Lump Sum Payouts

Since 2000, Novation Settlement Solutions has been providing quick decisions and maximum payouts to people looking to sell their structured settlements. When you contact Novation, you’ll be reaching the most respected structured settlement purchaser in the industry. We always provide a free consultation and will work closely with you to obtain the best possible solution to suit your current needs.

We’ve purchased over $1.2 billion in structured settlements, annuities, and other cash flows from people whose scheduled payments aren’t aligned with their current financial circumstances. Cash waiting in a structured settlement stream can alleviate emergencies like medical bills, property damage, and unemployment.

Personalized Solutions

At Novation Settlement Solutions, we develop a personal relationship with all our customers. Whether you need to sell all or part of your structured settlement, our expert funding executives will personalize a solution to suit your current needs. Selling future payments for upfront cash is a major life decision that we don’t take lightly. Our 97% success rate for court approvals on selling structured settlements is the product of our dedication to achieving the best for each and every customer.

Have Questions about the Structured Settlements Purchase Process?

For all your questions on the structured settlement selling process, check our structured settlements FAQs and get answers to frequently asked questions, ranging from “Is it the right time for me to sell my settlements?”, to “What are the regulations in my state when selling part or all of a settlement?”, to “Can I sell another part of my structured settlement?”.