Getting the facts about structured settlement brokers, issuers and factoring companies can sometimes be overwhelming, especially since there’s so much misinformation out there. We’ve broken down the basics for you.

What is a structured settlement broker?

A structured settlement broker is an individual that negotiates the financial payout of a settlement after a lawsuit verdict on behalf of the insurance company that issues the annuity. This payout can be assigned to one person or to a group, such as a family.  The broker will also set up the timeframe for each payout based on the individuals’ needs.

Who are some of the top structured settlement issuers?

MetLife, TIAA-CREF, AXA, Allianz Life of North America, Lincoln Financial Group are some of the top annuity insurance companies in the US. These companies own the annuities and pay them out to individuals.

What is a structured settlement factoring company?

A structured settlement buyer is a company that will purchase future payments of an individual’s structured settlement in return for upfront cash. They allow you to sell as much or as little of your structured settlement payments as you’d like, depending on your needs.

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