Every once in a while, issues arise, and you may find yourself in need of cash, quickly. Whether its storm damage to your house, a temporary loss of income due to no fault of your own, or unexpected medicals bills, if you have a structured settlement, you maybe be able to sell some of your payments to get the cash you need when in a crunch.

  • Weather in the United States can sometimes be unpredictable. Different areas of the country might have to deal with hurricanes, tornadoes, severe winter storms and more! And we’ve all heard the horror stories where a homeowner is shocked to find out their insurance policies don’t cover all of the damages. It’s times like these that an influx of cash might be needed.
  • While unemployment rates might be falling, it doesn’t mean that unexpected job loss is a thing of the past. Recent reports have found that large numbers of Americans that have been long-term unemployed are dropping out of the labor force. If you find yourself with a lack of employment, having an emergency fund to turn to can help offset a bit of that stress.
  • We’ve all had to deal with getting that unexpected medical bill in the mail and it’s always nerve-wracking. If you get hit with a medical expense that your insurance doesn’t cover, don’t panic. Selling a portion of your structured settlement payments can help cover the costs.
  • Car accidents happen and, if you depend on your vehicle for your livelihood, it can also mean a loss of income. If you need money for a down payment on a new car, selling a set amount of your structured settlement payments can sometimes be a solution to that problem.


All of the above instances can be extremely scary, but they don’t always have to be. If you find yourself in one of the above situations and have a structured settlement that isn’t covering your expenses, give us a call at

 and we can find a way to help cover your costs and set your mind at ease.