Money Saving Travel Tips

Are you looking to take a trip someplace, but worried that traveling is an exorbitant expense? There are many ways that you can save for a trip without breaking the bank. Here are a few hints that might help you plan a nice getaway.

  • The cheapest times of year for domestic travel is September. With people getting ready to send the kids back to school, flights and rates at hotels tend to drop off a bit after Labor Day. And the weather is still usually a bit warm in early September, so you still have time to enjoy the beach before the crisp Autumn air rolls in.
  • Set up a dedicated savings plan with your bank. Many institutions offer a service which will automatically transfer a set amount from each paycheck and deposit it into a “rainy day” account for you. If you withhold $10 per paycheck every week, you could have an additional $520 at the end of a year – that alone could cover your hotel stay! Many banks will offer this service for free, but always check to make sure there is no minimum balance needed first.
  • Although they can be tougher to find nowadays, travel agents can usually secure the best package deals on flights, hotel stays, cruises, tickets to theme parks, etc. Search one out and see what kind of deals they can get you.
  • If you decide to book online, use a site like TripAdvisor to read user reviews on various hotels, and sites like Kayak or to compare hotel, flight and car rental rates. Never book without getting as much information as you can first.
  • Some airlines will hold a reservation for 24 hours at no cost to you or allow a 24 hour no-risk cancellation. If you see a rate you like, but want to check around a bit before booking, put the reservation on hold and keep searching. After 24 hours, the hold will automatically expire.
  • Cut back on small expenses. Find yourself getting coffee every morning at that famous green logo’d coffee shop? Even if you’re only spending $5 a week on coffee, that’s still $20 a month. A year of going without that expensive coffee splurge will save you over $200 a year! Stick to brewing your own coffee at home and you’ll be shocked at how much you can save.


Do you have any other travel saving tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.