Selling your structured settlement payments may seem complicated, but working with the right people can simplify the process and ensure you get your cash, when you need it. Here’s how the process works at Novation Settlement Solutions:

  1. Call Novation at 1-866-470-8168. Our team of professionals will connect you with a dedicated Funding Executive. He/She will walk you through the process and let you know what to expect. You’ll want to make sure you have information about your structured settlement ready to expedite the process.
  2. Qualify. We’ll need to know the details of your annuity contract or settlement agreement to confirm you can sell your payments. This information helps us determine how much money you can receive from a sale, and how quickly you can get it.
  3. Quote and Purchase Agreement. Based on the value of your settlement payments, and how much money you need to raise for your particular purpose, we will issue you a quote. If you are comfortable with the quote, we’ll send you a purchase agreement and schedule a notary appointment for you to sign the documents and start the process.
  4. Notarized Signature and Purchase Agreement Mailing: After reviewing the agreement, you will can sign the purchase agreement in the presence of a notary and return the agreement back to Novation. At this point, you will be assigned a Concierge.
  5. Court Date Scheduled: When Novation receives your signed agreement, your Concierge will help expedite the process, this includes scheduling a court date.  The exact timeline is determined by the court in where you reside.  In some courts, the hearing is set in just a couple of weeks.  In other courts, the time frame can be a bit longer.
  6. Court Decision: Once a judge approves the sale and signs the court order, Novation will set up the funding of your transaction.
  7. Payout: Depending on how you chose to receive your funds (wire or check) we will issue a payment within days of the court order.

Our staff understands that selling part of a structured settlement can be a tough decision and our clients need to feel secure and comfortable with whom they choose to handle their money.

We take our time. We follow the rules. We follow through. We take pride in our reputation and that’s how we conduct our business.

If you still want to know more on how to sell your structured settlement payments for cash, our Funding Executives will be happy to help. Give us a call at