Hector Picard will make history next month as the first bilateral arm amputee to compete in the IRONMAN in Kona, Hawaii. How does Hector stay motivated? How does he successfully compete in race after race? We spoke with Hector recently, and here’s the advice he shared:

Palm Tree

1. Approach endurance competitions with a light attitude. “It helps to think of the races as another training session,” Hector says. “It takes the pressure off and you can focus on just being there.”

2. Smile. “I’m always smiling at these events because I’m not stressed,” he says. Hector, in fact, refuses to get overly concerned about his finish times and instead focuses on enjoying being in the race.

3. Take in the view. It can be difficult to find time to sightsee when traveling for races, so Hector makes a point to check out the landscape of the different locations during each race. “Appreciate where you are,” he says. “You’ve worked hard to get there.”

4. Meet as many people as you can. “The best part of a race is getting to know athletes, sometimes even para-athletes, from around the world,” Hector says. “Races are the perfect time to meet people who understand what you’re going through and how hard you have worked.”

5. Interact with spectators. “The crowd motivates me,” says Hector. “They become a huge reason to keep going.” Hearing the cheers of encouragement as he participated in Paris-Brest-Paris, a long-distance bike race in France, “made the difficult journey worth the effort,” he says.

6. Stay grateful. Triathlons are not easy, to say the least. “As I run, I think about being able to race and all the support I get from my sponsor, Novation, and my friends and family,” Hector says. “I’m thrilled to be out there competing. There’s nothing like it.”

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