Selling your structured settlement payments for non-emergency needs might sound crazy, but there are times when doing so can help you save money in the future! Here are a few of our thoughts on when selling for upfront cash can actually benefit your lifestyle.

  • Home repairs such as updating your kitchen or bath, upgrading your windows or installing central air, can increase the value of your home by a significant amount, as well as make it more comfortable to live in. There’s no reason to put all of these costs on credit cards you’ll be paying interest on for years, or possibly decades, after you decide to sell.
  • Financing a new car is stressful. With current interest rates hovering around 4.14 for a 60 month term, you want to put down as much as possible when purchasing.
  • The average wedding can now cost as much as $30,000, the majority of which gets charged to credit cards. And that’s not even including the honeymoon! When planning that special day, don’t get stuck with a huge debt that can make the first few years of wedded bliss full of stress and worry.
  • Starting a small business is a dream for many Americans, but few have the funds to be able to do it. Selling your future payments can cost less than liquidating other assets and comes without the hassle of capital gains taxes.


These are just a few ideas on how you can use upfront cash to make your life a bit simpler. Give one of Novation Settlement Solutions’ Funding Executives a call today and they will happy to discuss other ways selling your payments can help alleviate some of your everyday financial stress.