7 Summer BBQ Tips

Summer is here! 2 months of pool parties, road trips, and the ultimate summer activity: barbecues! But are you worried about spending too much when planning your get together for family and friends? We have a few tips that will make sure your next BBQ will keep your belly, and bank account, full.

  1. Keep it simple. You don’t need large, expensive cuts of meat. Stick with less expensive cuts like hanger or skirt. It’s a barbecue – no one is expecting a 5-star dining experience.
  2. Bones are better. If you’re making chicken, buy it on the bone. Believe it or not, it’s cheaper than boneless.
  3. Make it communal. Ask your friends and family to bring a side. It gives them a chance to show off their favorite dishes and saves you from spending money on bags of chips, bottles of soda and hours in a hot kitchen making potato salad.
  4. Be frugal. If you belong to one of those membership-only warehouse clubs, keep an eye out for good deals on brats and hot dogs. You’ll be able to feed a large group without spending as much as you would at a regular supermarket.
  5. Don’t go overboard. Watch how much charcoal you use. Many people think the more charcoal the better, but don’t fall for that. If you are sticking to the traditional burgers and hot dogs, you won’t need more than one layer of charcoal in your grill, add another layer for chicken.
  6. Clean your grill. Grills can be expensive, so once you invest in one you’ll want to keep it around for as long as possible. Make sure you remove the charcoal ash from the bottom and gently clean the grill grate. And if you are keeping your grill outside, make sure you cover it after each use to protect it from the elements. A clean grill should last years, if taken care of properly.
  7. Nix the décor. Don’t go all out on decorations. BBQs are meant to be laid back and fun, so no one is going to miss the red, white and blue streamers and party favors. Trust us.

Have any other money saving barbecue tips? Let us know in the comment section below.