Earlier this month, Novation co-hosted a Tweetchat with Amplitude magazine where we interviewed adaptive triathlete Hector Picard.  Amplitude is a leading source of news and information for amputees and was an ideal partner for this event. The Tweetchat focused on the concept of getting a second chance and what it means to have the opportunity to come back and restart life. Amplitude editor Rick Bower lead the Tweetchat discussion with fans and fellow athletes jumping in and asking Hector some terrific questions. Since the chat moved quickly and most of the back and forth was fast and short (140 characters), we decided to expand on some of Hector’s answers and share them today.

What is your favorite moment during triathlons?

I love watching other athletes’ faces at the start of a race. It’s more motivating than anything else, and it fills me with gratitude that I am able to surround myself with such extraordinary and hardworking individuals. It’s a moment of true happiness, looking around and seeing people smiling, anticipating, ready to prove to themselves that all of their hard work has paid off.

What motivates you?

The joy of conquering an obstacle keeps me going. People will always tell you that there are things you can’t do. You have to turn those words into words of challenge, words of encouragement, words that fire you up to finish whatever goal you set out to complete. When I look around, I see so many motivating people. There are people training for marathons that have full time jobs and are raising families. There are children with disabilities and illnesses who are still smiling and giving it their all every day. There’s my wife who is incredible.  Motivation is everywhere, if you let yourself see it.

What is the next big goal you want to accomplish in your life?

In 2016, I’ll be “Racing for True Champions” and competing in 25 triathlons, each one in support of a different child from the Broward Children’s Center. Broward Children’s Center specializes in helping infants, children, and young adults with special health care needs. Learn more about this fundraiser and these children they help here: http://bcckids.org

What does a second chance mean to you?

A second chance is an opportunity to make better. For me, that meant a second chance at life, at love and at a career.

Who gave you a second chance?

God gave me a second chance at life, family, and happiness. Novation gave me a second chance by making it possible for me to follow my dreams and overcome financial obstacles. I want to help others find that second chance, and follow that second chance. That’s why I love traveling to different schools and organizations to do my motivational speeches; I think it is easier to follow your dreams when you see that someone else has reached, and surpassed, theirs.