Scheduled payments over time can help your financial security in the future. However, annuities are rarely flexible once set, and having your money tied up in a structured settlement can become frustrating. Novation Settlement Solutions can help you sell your structured settlements payments so that you can use the cash for your immediate needs.

Paying off debt and loans


Credit card debt and student loans can make an impact on your finances as well as hurting your credit score. Keeping your debt levels in your control is important, so you should have the capital on hand to make your payments on time. Selling your structured settlement payments for a lump sum can give you cash to use toward paying off a loan or settling debt without putting stress on your daily finances.


Funding a college education


Affording college can be a strain on your bank account, whether you are funding your child’s education or furthering your own. Taking the step to pursue another degree could open up career opportunities, but you may not have the capital to put towards it just yet. If your money is being held in a structured settlement, you can sell a portion of your scheduled payments and use it to invest in your own future or in your child’s education. Avoiding student loans keeps your credit score and your income stable.

Buying a new house or car


Down payments on large purchases, like a new house or a new car, are often large sums that take time to save up. While a structured settlement can be a good long-term investment, a slow payment stream prevents you from making big purchases when you want to. Taking out loans and making payments steadily over time can leave you in debt for longer than you need to, especially if you have income in an annuity. When the time is right, you can sell your structured settlement and invest in a new home or car.


Paying for medical or emergency expenses


A structured settlement payout works best when your financial needs are consistent. When an emergency happens, however, you may need cash to pay off medical bills, car or household repairs, or sustain yourself through a period of unemployment. Cash held in an annuity can become necessary to acquire quickly, and selling your structured settlement to a trusted company will put your money in your hands.


Maximum payouts and quick decisions


Whether you are selling all or part of your structured settlement payment stream, you should make sure you can trust the company you are working with. Novation Settlement Solutions is the most respected purchaser in the industry, with a time frame guarantee if you don’t get funded in time. You should be able to access your money when you need it. Novation Settlement Solutions provides maximum payouts so that you can put your money toward your immediate needs.


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