When a tragedy strikes, there are two ways of dealing with it. You can give up, or you can get going. At Novation, we help transform tragedies into second chances at life. While no amount of money or consolation could ever fully repair an accident, we do our best to help our clients pick up the pieces and find the best solution to move forward.

How do we do it? We listen. Senior Funding Executive Stane Begovic shares his thoughts on what that means. “Listening to someone who has been dealt a bad hand of cards and then figuring out what they need to do to move forward is such an important part of our job,” he explained. “We aren’t just salespeople, we’re counselors. We don’t just care about numbers, we care about people.”

You might be familiar with the story of Hector Picard. Hector is a Novation-sponsored athlete who turned his tragedy, losing both of his arms in a work-related accident when he was just 21, into a triumph. He now competes in dozens of triathlons every year, raising money and awareness for kids with disabilities. He also gives motivational speeches between races. And Hector is not the only Novation client who turned his bad hand of cards into a winning play.

Carlos S. was involved in an accident, which left him paralyzed and resulted in his deportation from New Jersey back to Ecuador. He worked with Novation to turn the settlement he received into funds to expand his successful hotel and casino business and embark on new business ventures. Carlos has employed many people and improved the lives of others throughout his journey. He recently returned to the U.S. to receive an honorary degree at the University of Miami. Carlos is currently the mayor of his town, and his hotel business is running smoothly — the president of Ecuador has even been a guest!

“When my clients send me pictures of their new life — maybe it’s the house they bought, the neighborhood they moved into, the car they purchased or even the mayoral race they won — I get so happy,” said Stane. “It’s seeing the change, that second chance in action, that is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Are you ready for your second chance? Call us today to discuss how we can help you. We’re here to listen.