holiday deal Novation Settlement SolutionsThe holiday season is here. It’s a time spent with family, friends and loved ones. Then the
bills come in and you’re scrambling to pay. Why not get ahead of the bills this year with a
cash advance from Novation — up to $10,000!

For more than 17 years, we have been helping people like you get the money they need
from their structured settlement payments. No matter what you’re looking to do this
holiday season, Novation has the financial expertise to get it done.


to see how we can get you up to $10,000 in as little as 48 hours.
And together, let’s get ahead of the holiday bills!

© 2017 Novation Settlement Solutions. THE UP TO $10,000 CASH OFFER ENCLOSED IS
NOT A LOAN. It is a cash advance as part of the purchase price from the sale of some or all
of your structured settlement payments and will be subject to underwriting requirements.
Unless you qualify, you may not be approved for an advance, and even if approved, you may
not qualify for an advance in the amount enclosed within. This offer is subject to (1) you
calling us at the toll-free number provided in this communication and then executing and
returning to us the contract and all ancillary documents required by us, (2) our confirmation
that you will receive structured settlement or annuity payments, (3) our determination that
you can enter into an agreement to sell all or a portion of those payments to us and (4) your
satisfaction of our underwriting guidelines. Offer void where prohibited and all transactions
are subject to federal, state and local laws. Offer is open only to U.S. citizens or permanent
legal residents (green card) who have reached the age of majority in their respective
domiciliary state as of the date of this letter and who satisfy the terms and conditions above.
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LLC. This offer is limited to one per person from any one BBA brand within a 90-day period
from receipt. For a full listing of BBA brands, please visit Novation
Ventures and its BBA companies reserve the right to cancel or change this offer at any time.