To what lengths would you go to participate actively in the lives of your loved ones, even if an injury might be in the way? Hector Picard didn’t let the amputation of his arms stop him from participating in his daughter’s life and, even more inspiringly, her sports.

“I created specific prosthetics in order to be a coach for my daughter’s Little League softball team,” Hector explains. “I wanted to pitch, hit and catch while teaching players the sport.”

There are three parts to Hector’s softball creation: A hook terminal device, which allows him to pitch; a plastic scoop, which attaches to his foot, so he can lift the ball into the air; and a bat that he bolted to an old prosthetic arm.

All this may sound complicated, but Hector is no stranger to creating prosthetic sports equipment. He first created a device that enables him and thousands of others to play basketball. It’s called the Hoopster and it’s available at TRS Prosthetics.

“It’s amazing what you can come up with when you put your mind and heart into it,” says Hector. “I just wanted to play sports again with my daughter. Making it happen is such a joy.”