Would you like to have the man who might be the most inspiring athlete on the planet speak to your organization? In addition to competing in triathlons around the world, Hector Picard regularly gives talks at rehab centers, hospitals, injury support group meetings and adaptive athlete gatherings.

He shares his story of being hit with 13,000 volts of electricity, losing both of his arms and learning how to overcome incredible obstacles. His message is one of triumph, inspiration and creativity.

Since his accident, Hector has competed in close to 120 triathlons, and this year, he was the first double-arm amputee to race at the famed Ironman in Kona, Hawaii. He also designed and developed the Hoopster, a prosthetic device that enables individuals who’ve lost an arm to play basketball again.

If you’d like to have Hector speak to your organization, please email DontStopLivingPR@gmail.com.