What does it mean to get a second chance? Why is the new Novation Second Chance campaign resonating with so many people who are wondering how to best handle their structured settlements? This week, we sat down with Dom Cimei, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Novation, to learn more about the Hector Picard-Novation partnership and how it developed into the Second Chance campaign. Dom shares how Hector embodies what it means to get a second chance, and how Novation now sees itself as an organization dedicated to making second chances possible.

Can you share with us the background on Novation’s Second Chance campaign? How did you come up with the concept?

Actually, the idea was inspired by Hector’s wife, Wendy. I was viewing the Don’t Stop Living video, The Hector Picard story, and Wendy said something that really resonated with me as far as what Novation does. She said, “Hector lost both his arms. He almost died, but he was given a second chance at life.” And it hit me: Wow! That’s exactly what we do! We make second chances possible.

What is it about the idea of getting a second chance that is so powerful?

The concept of getting a second chance speaks to a universal truth. All of us at some point think, “Gee, if I could do that over again, if I could have a second chance, I would do it differently — it would work out better.” A second chance is about hope in action. Everybody wants a second chance.

How does Novation help give people a second chance? What do you see day to day?

We’re in the second-chance business. We make second chances possible with our funding. It could represent anything: buying a house, starting a business, paying for education, paying bills. You name it.

Not only do we give people the funding they need, but we give them the respect and attention they deserve. I think we’ve all been through a period in life to one degree or another where we’ve had a similar experience, where maybe we’re not getting the respect we feel we deserve. So, it’s the money — and that’s the most important thing — but, it’s also the way in which we go through the process with our customers, how we treat them and build the relationship with them.

How does Hector Picard embody the mission and spirit of a second chance?

Hector is a Novation customer. Now we sponsor him as a triathlete and he represents our brand. The team here at Novation has gotten to know him very well — and we’re very proud to be associated with him. He’s become, quite possibly, the most inspiring athlete on the planet!

All one has to do is spend 10 seconds looking at any one of his videos, particularly where he is competing or training. In fact, one of his videos, in which Hector changes his bike tire with no hands, has been viewed millions of times.  Hector is the personification of what it means to have a second chance and take it by the horns and really make the very most of it. He’s the embodiment of taking lemons and making lemonade. You look at him and think: Here’s a man who has accomplished amazing things, accepted the fact that he could have a second chance and went all the way with it. That’s what makes him such an amazing figure.

If someone has already sold part of their structured settlement, do they still have an opportunity to work with Novation and get that second chance?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we buy portions of payments, of structured settlements, as opposed to buying the whole thing, all the time. That is by far the more common transaction. If someone has already sold part and they have a need to sell more — assuming of course that they have more to sell — we’re happy to work with them!

How can a lump sum give someone a second chance?

In many ways. Someone could have immediate financial needs, maybe for education, a new car or that home of their dreams. And by providing the funding for that — in terms of a lump sum — we can help jump-start that second chance.

And everybody, everybody, wants a second chance, regardless of who they are or where they are in life — especially if someone has been in difficult circumstances. They want a second chance, they want to make it right — they want to make it better. That’s what this campaign is all about.

How do you see Novation evolving in light of this campaign?

I’d love for others to think of Novation as the Second Chance Team: We make second chances possible. I’d love for people to think of us that way because we can help everybody get a jump-start on a new life and help them to make the most of it, just like we did with Hector.