Humanitarian Award Winners

Hector Picard

It takes a special human being to meet with tragedy and come out on the other end with a passion to help people see the positive in life.  Hector Picard is just that kind of person.  After being hit with 13,000 volts of electricity, he lost both arms and had burns on 40% of his body.  Instead of giving up, he founded and began his quest to inspire others to maximize their potential, regardless of the circumstances.  It also takes someone quite special to choose that point in time to become a triathlete!

We have been so inspired by Hector that we’ve joined forces on a shared mission to help people all across the country.  From speaking engagements to races, Hector and Novation are out there spreading the word that anything is possible.

Cynthia Lozano

Cynthia Lozano is on the board of directors at her local Humane Society and rescues animals from kill shelters and distressed homes. Cynthia gives her time and energy to help the ones that can’t help themselves.

She is a hero here at Novation. Cynthia has selflessly taken lump sum amounts from her settlement in order to financially secure the lives of more animals. Because of her actions, she has ensured that more animals will be saved from unneeded euthanasia.

We salute you, Cynthia.