What happens when someone trades in their monthly structured settlement payments for a lump sum? What are some of the most productive and powerful ways customers have changed their lives? We spoke with Novation Senior Funding Executive John Brandes who, over the years, has worked with Novation customers to help them realize their dreams. “Sometimes a lump sum can make a huge difference,” he said, “the money can make it possible for people to jump-start a new life and put a second chance into motion.” So what have some Novation customers recently done with their lump sums?

  1. Purchased a home.
  2. Relocated their families from a dangerous neighborhood.
  3. Bought a gas station.
  4. Received a Master’s degree.
  5. Attended rehab and got sober.
  6. Opened an animal shelter.

It’s amazing what a lump sum can do. If you have questions about your structured settlement payments, give us a call at 1-877-781-0805.