Choosing to sell your structured settlement payments is a big decision. Finding the right partner — one that is fair, considerate and experienced — is so important.

Adaptive triathlete Hector Picard chose Novation when he needed to sell his structured settlement payments. The client-business relationship evolved, and today Hector is sponsored by Novation as he competes in triathlons around the world. We spoke with Hector about his relationship with Novation and the many ways Novation has had an impact on his life.

  1. Novation was there for him. “Novation helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life.” Hector said. “I was facing the abrupt end of a 20-year marriage. I needed a way to change my financial situation. Novation simplified things for me.”
  1. Novation didn’t pressure him. “Novation let me decide, on my own, whether or not selling my structured settlement payments was right for me,” Hector said. “With other companies, I felt like they were trying to ‘sell me’ and I felt like I was dealing with used car salesmen.”
  1. Novation was always fair. “I had an excellent relationship with my representative, Jamie DaCosta, as well as with other members of the Novation team,” said Hector. “I was always treated fairly, which is important when making such a big change.”
  1. Novation put Hector at ease. Making the decision to sell a structured settlement payment requires a great deal of thought and care. “Novation told me about their one-of-a-kind guarantee: If I didn’t receive cash on the day they promised, they’d pay me 10 times the national interest rate until I did,” explained Hector. “This guarantee gave me such peace of mind. I knew they had my back. The best part is, I got my cash even before they promised.”
  1. The lump sum payment helped Hector jump-start a new career. “The money that I received from Novation gave me security, flexibility and comfort,” Hector said. “It enabled me to jump-start my career as a motivational speaker and triathlete.”
  1. Novation made it easy to do repeat transactions. “No plan is perfect, mine included.” Hector said.  “After my first transaction, I realized that I needed more cash to get things where I needed them to be.  It was a little embarrassing, but Novation made it very easy to do a second transaction.  Jaime worked with me to tighten my plan in my second and third transactions.”

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