Hector Picard, adaptive triathlete and double-arm amputee, turned to Novation when he wanted to sell his structured settlement payments and re-focus the direction of his life. Why did he choose Novation over another financial services firms? Why was Novation so suited to give Hector the second chance he needed? We sat down with Hector and asked him about what made Novation different.

  • Novation listens. “The staff places premium on what you want and will modify the payment plan to figure out a way to achieve it,” Hector said. “For me, it meant receiving my second payment earlier than I thought. I felt uncomfortable asking, at first, but everyone at Novation was extremely understanding and made what I needed to happen, happen.”
  • Novation does not “hard sell.”“Employees of other companies come across like car salesmen, trying to sell me their product without caring about my personal needs, “ Hector said. “From our first conversation, Novation immediately stood out because they talked to me like I was a real person who needed a solution to a problem, whether it meant purchasing a solution from them or another company. They wanted to help me make the best choice.”
  • Novation values collaboration. “I worked with funding executive Jamie DaCosta, who made treated me like a partner in choosing my settlement,” Hector said. “It was never him dictating options and me having to accept them. We had a back and forth, a real conversation, until we reached exactly what I needed, and exactly what Novation could provide.”
  • Novation provides a time-frame guarantee. “I was so impressed by the fact that if Novation doesn’t get you funded within a certain time frame, they will pay you interest on the amount coming to you at more than 10 times the national average for every day they are late, “ said Hector. “No other company I spoke with offered a guarantee like this.”
  • Novation provided cash before the deadline. ” I’ve simply never dealt with a more helpful company, “ said Hector. “Novation says they’ll deliver and they do,”

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