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Tackling the 3 Biggest Family Financial Problems

Few families have escaped the consequences of the depressed economy that dominated the news until recently, or avoided the pinch of either debt or high health care costs. Family financial issues can lead to divorce and other emotional woes, which add to the economic distress of those involved.Solving family financial problems takes dedicated effort on behalf of all involved.

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Smart Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

The holidays give us the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. While it’s tempting to splurge on the most delicious food and exciting gifts, these can come with a wince-worthy price tag. Going overboard during the holidays can leave you with regrets for months to come, instead of further reasons to be thankful.

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Financial Planning for Newlyweds: Tips to Avoid These 5 Most Common Mistakes

Some newlywed couples find themselves in hot water early on in their marriage because they have stumbled into common but avoidable financial pitfalls.5 Common Mistakes to Avoid1. They don’t set a budget. Budgets not only force you to live within your means, they also set an expectation for spending, saving, and splurging.

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4 Credit Card Myths That May Be Hurting Your Credit Score

Credit scores are often nebulous to those outside the financial industry. The process for calculating a person’s credit score seems very opaque, which creates endless misconceptions about how to help or hurt your credit score. As a result, many people have erroneous information on which to base very important decisions.

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Inheriting a Structured Settlement Annuity: Options for Beneficiaries

After a loved one’s death, you may find yourself the beneficiary of a structured settlement annuity. While an inherited structured settlement can provide valuable, reliable income, beneficiaries often wonder what options they have available to them. This is especially true for individuals who were not privy to the details of the original arrangement.

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5 Things to Be Mindful of Before You Sell Your Structured Settlement

Structured settlements can provide valuable assurance of income for your future. However, immediate financial needs can emerge, and take precedence over a guaranteed income at a later date. Selling your structured settlement for a lump sum can help you overcome your pressing budgetary needs.As you decide to sell your structured settlement, consider these five points.

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